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About Renee

Brock_1I live in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta with my miniature Schnauzer Scout. If I’m not out taking pictures, you might find me on a walk with Scout, planning my next adventure, day dreaming about fashion via the latest Anthropologie catalog, blogging, sipping a cup of tea (it’s always tea time at my house), reading, cooking, listening to NPR,  at the theatre drifting into the world of cinema, eying a luscious cupcake or other sweet, and generally just enjoying every ounce of life.

On Photography:

The process of photography engrosses me from start to finish… I love the spark of  recognition that ignites my soul and compels my finger to press the shutter.

I’m captivated by emotion -whether subtle or profound- vibrant color, light, and the many small nuisances of each environment and subject I encounter. I’ve been shooting for the past 8 years but feel that I have been a photographer my entire life, trying to always isolate the particular beauty in a moment, place, gesture or relationship.  It is with continual awe and respect for the opportunity to communicate visually that drives my photography forward.

A heartfelt thanks to my clients for their trust in me and enthusiasm for my way of seeing!

My background

I studied Journalism with an emphasis in photojournalism at the University of Georgia’s renowned Grady College.  After graduation I worked for the Marietta Daily Journal and Atlanta Journal Constitution over a period of five years before accepting wedding, portrait, and editorial commissions full time.